Fenway Park - Home of the Boston Red Sox

On Saturday, April 28, Chris, Chris' friend Jeanne who lives in Boston, and I went to see our first Major League Baseball game. It was a nippy fifty degrees at gametime, with a stiff breeze, and sitting in the shade didn't help either. We were cold the entire game, even after a hot dog and a sausage each. We also had a big pillar in front of us as you can see below, but fortunately it wasn't covering home plate or first base from our angle. I'm not really a big Red Sox fan, or a fan of baseball in general, but the Red Sox are sort of my adopted favorite team. A friend of mine from high school, AJ Bozogian, moonlights as a groundskeeper for them, so he has of course been a big fan for a very long time.

The game started out poorly for the BoSox, and just went downhill from there. They were playing the Royals. At the time, Boston was atop the AL East, and KC was in the cellar of the AL Central. However, Boston proceeded to commit five errors in the first six innings, and lost the game 8-2. It was a very ugly affair in nearly every respect, but it was certainly unforgettable.

Pre-game warmups.

Caught in mid-pitch.

I believe this was the first hit of the game.

This was the second of the two idiot fans that ran out onto the field. He came out with a huge inflatable bat and walked up to the plate to receive a pitch. He was quickly escorted away. I'm told that they get a night in jail and a five hundred dollar fine for the trouble. Worth two minutes of fame? Only if you have money and time to burn.

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