Don't step in the art!

On Friday, April 27, our first full day in Boston, we spent a couple hours in the Boston Museum of Fine Art. There was a lot of art of all types actually. I'm not really a big fan of art museums in general, but there were enough big statues and colorful modern art to keep me fairly interested. The most annoying part of it though was when the security wench said, "No flash photography!" after I snapped one of the pictures of the mushrooms below. Usually in places like that, this sort of thing is prominently posted, but it wasn't there. I said that I hadn't seen the signs, and she shrugged it off. I didn't press the issue any further, since I'm sure that an adult working for seven bucks an hour is enough of an excuse to be bitchy for anyone!

On the left is your brain...On the right is your brain on drugs...Any questions?

Me, standing in the forest of happy little mushrooms.

The one on the left is a warrior standing on his or her fallen foes I believe. Pretty vicious! It appears to be on fire in the back. Nice special effects for the time period! I'm not sure what the one on the right is doing.

Can't remember what these actually are, but they were in a really cool darkened room that was made to look like a temple. The position of the statue reminds me of Buddha, but they seem a little thin!?

Look, I'm falling! Hey, what happened to my shoes??? This is ART???

The courtyard was nice. It's a nice place to relax and take random pictures.

How many more silly pictures are you going to take? Also, what's that red stuff above my head in the picture? Sorry dear, I know not the answer to either question... *;-)

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