Separated At Birth - This page is dedicated to the sometimes eerie similarities between celebrities.

reggie_miller.jpg (1988 bytes) quark.jpg (7713 bytes) This one is almost frightening. Maybe the NBA's Reggie Miller moonlighted as Quark on Star Trek? 

rosie1.gif (14101 bytes) jabba.JPG (4185 bytes) One is a giant, evil loudmouth, and the other is merely an annoying blob. Which is which? You be the judge.

mora.jpg (4954 bytes) romulan.jpg (9290 bytes) Former Indianapolis Colts coach Jim Mora is actually a Romulan. He came to Earth in order to try to turn his players into "real men", with giant eyebrows.

mcgwire.jpg (10709 bytes) hetfield.jpg (5737 bytes) Mark McGwire entertains whole stadiums with his record-making home runs, and James Hetfield entertains whole stadiums with Metallica!

jackson.jpg (10004 bytes) kaczynski.jpg (11889 bytes) After deciding that he couldn't work with people at all like his brother Phil Jackson, Ted decided to live by himself, shun technology, and become the Unabomber.

montana.jpg (5796 bytes) manilow.jpg (12597 bytes) Opposing linebackers always attempted to crush Joe Montana. Unfortunately, Barry Manilow is the twin that really deserves a beating. His music will curse us forever. 

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